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About the project

The French public is especially demanding when it comes to one’s attire and elegance and was profoundly shocked by the events which recently brought such revolting ties on the forefronts of their national papers. 
ties4cops a new pattern for NY cops is a voluntary contributive webapp. It aims to acquaint New-York policemen with more humane tie patterns. (tie patterns: courtesy of ADDB)


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Tiegate is not over!

It seems like the NY cops lends their ties to lawyers. Is this even in accordance with the constitution?

We wish to congratulate this lawyer for his choice daring choice of motif.

Help them!

ties4cops is a voluntary participative webapp, it suggests tie patterns for cops. Because we believe that justice can be served with style!

Help us to enhance our site by pointing our stylists at new and exciting tie patterns: 

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ties4cops, a contributive webapp by ADDB